Simon LawsonTraining specialist in sales, strategic account management, negotiation and general management training

Email: jsilawson@aol.com  Telephone: +44 771 332 8530

Welcome to Simon Lawson's training homepage!  Maybe you've worked with Simon on one of the courses that he has run for Management Centre Europe, Frost & Sullivan or JSB Training, or attended an in-company bespoke training course that Simon has developed and delivered for one of his own clients.  Or perhaps you're trying to find an experienced sales and general management trainer to use in your own organisation.  Please get back in touch, or get in touch for the first time, if you think that Simon, and his energetic and enthusiastic approach to management training, could help you and your organisation.

Simon Lawson has had 20 years of experience as a management trainer, consultant and coach.  Before this, he had line management experience as a sales representative, sales manager, marketing executive and strategic account manager with a number of leading UK financial and communications companies.

His training areas of expertise include strategic and key account management, selling skills and negotiation skills.  Simon has also conducted many general management training assignments and is a qualified MBTI practitioner, an approach that he has included on a number of management training assignments.  Building on his first academic degree in Psychology, Simon has been able to utilise a number of psychological and behavioural profiling instruments in his training projects.

As an experienced trainer, Simon is able to communicate complex ideas to an audience enthusiastically and with humour.  His training style is both challenging and provocative, whilst encouraging the maximum participation from his audiences.  

In addition to front line training and coaching, Simon has always been actively involved in the identification of new opportunities within existing clients and selling to prospect clients, both on his own and working alongside colleagues from other training provider organisations.  He has prepared and delivered many sales proposals for major training projects to blue-chip companies in the UK and in Europe.

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