Simon's recent training projects include:

For a Nordic-based Bank

Preparing For A Leadership Role Project

Working alongside business simulation experts, Simon was part of a team that designed and delivered a customised business strategy simulation for the Relationship Managers of a leading Nordic-based bank.  As part of its succession planning approach, the client is keen to expose these ‘fast track’ individuals to the complexity of running a bank in an already crowded marketplace.  In each simulation, four teams act as the executive directors of separate banks, setting their initial strategy then implementing that strategy via decisions on products, customer segments and pricing strategies.  In addition to facilitating the simulation, Simon provided a parallel set of MBTI-based inputs around team-working and conflict management, reflecting the intensity of each team’s activity throughout the five-day course.  A number of participants have taken part in business simulations developed by other top European Business Schools and were most positive about the quality of this simulation environment and their overall learning experience.

For a Biotech-based World Leader in Enzymes

Establishing A Common Language For Sales Project

In close collaboration with the newly – formed Business Academy of this Scandinavian-based global business, Simon was able to establish that sales training in each of its five global regions had been developed on an idiosyncratic basis, with few common models or approaches.  He developed a foundation programme built around a company-agreed model for the sales and negotiation process which focused on fact-finding and communicating value.  The programme piloted in Europe, then ran in North and South America, Malaysia and China.  In each region, concern was expressed that long-established customer managers would resist foundation training, so the course included a significant amount of role play work (which helped some experienced participants realise their significant opportunities for improvement).  The first programme was received so positively that Simon was asked to develop and run two more – on relationship-building and on negotiation, each rolled out around the regions as before.  The training timetable coincided with the client’s acquisition and integration of a similar business – inviting participants from both the existing and the newly-acquired businesses to attend the same training facilitated the integration process.

For a Global metal materials supplier to Automotive Industry

Developing ‘Leading Edge’ Sales & Marketing People Project

This Swedish-based company had recognised that it was losing share to competitors who were better at selling solutions, rather than pushing products.  Simon identified that the analytical and communications skills of both the marketing and sales people needed to be upgraded.  A programme made up of three modules has been developed – the first focused on customer segmentation and planning.  Simon ran this working alongside an expert marketing consultant, with the output being a new segmentation approach based on grouping customer needs and action plans for the most important customers in each segment.  Critically, both marketing and sales people attended the module at the same time and volunteered to work on post-module projects together, breaking down the previous ‘them and us’ attitude between the marketing and sales functions.  The second and third modules focusing on solutions selling and negotiating, have run in Europe, North and South America and the Far East.